Friday, April 3, 2009

sorry for the delay

I just wanted to apologize for the long delay in blogging. Normally I'm a person that hates excuses so I want to give it to you straight. Recently things in my life haven't been going as planned. Such as job loss and GF issues all in the same period. I'm not gonna give to much information but I think that pretty much sums up what has been happening. I turned out to make my spring break a living hell. But in turn I learned to truly enjoy things in like that are simple and good. Coffee obviously has been my emotional crutch these past weeks, I take no shame in saying that if it hadn't been for coffee I probably wouldn't even be job searching right now. So expect by tomorrow a good new post on main bean coffee. I'm the king at high quality procrastination so don't just think its gonna be some 10 minute blog post. Anyway this may very well be my way of getting away so anyways keep positive everyone the economy sucks, I know. But good economy or no economy our happiness should be everlasting.