Saturday, March 14, 2009

Moka Maker

I recently just invested a few dollars in an italian coffee maker also known as a moka maker. I was fascinated by this process almost like my first time learning about how to use an espresso machine. The image to the right is what a moka maker looks like.

The italian coffee maker range anywhere from 10$ to upwards of 110$ I probably spent roughly 20 dollars on my aluminium one. It works by filling up the bottom half to the saftey valve (the brass button on the side) then putting the filter in and filling with coffee and sealing the two halves and put on a medium high stove for about 5 to 8 minutes until its done brewing. The small machine has some definite pros and cons.


  • Makes a small amount of espresso like coffee, which is good since it's so strong little goes to waste.
  • Really easy to assemble the coffee maker.
  • Also it's really easy to clean even though you don't want to use harsh soaps on it.
  • Makes great tasting coffee but this can depend on the coffee used.
  • Takes a few brews to "season" the maker in most cases. For me it took one brew to do this.
  • I could see the amount it makes as a con in some cases since it takes a while for the coffee to be made and doesnt make whole lot to begin with.
  • After quite a few uses the rubber lip which seals the two halves wears from the heat it can be hard to find a replacement that fits right.
Overall I feel this was great little investment and could be something really fun for people who don't have a lot to spend on an espresso machine, I think this would be great to get I love mine and maybe some of you can vouch for that.

the fiend

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