Monday, March 16, 2009

The Yin and Yang of Coffee

To me this is something that I've debated with people I know including my girlfriend. Whether or not to have your basic "cup of joe" with or without milk. To me I can't stand the taste of my coffee infiltrated with milk unless its something like a latte. The coffee seems to ask to be plain and original. Its almost as if the milk just detroys the purpose of that energizing cup in the morning. With its strong aromatic oils that drift into the nostril and command the mind to take that first sip. To me thats the only way and reason I can only have my coffee black. I frankly have the hardest time playing the devils advocate and speaking highly of the otherside because in this case (just like with politics) I can't see where the other side is coming from. Like what I said earlier I have no problem with frothed milk with my espresso to form a cafe latte. I really am curious to hear your positions on this. I'm starting to get curious about it. Is it that the taste of coffee is too strong for some? Or is it that you just love the taste of cream and sugar so much you figure "why not add this to my coffee?". Let me know maybe I'll start a poll.


  1. hmm... i love the aroma of coffee.. but I detest the bitter blanket black coffee forms on my tongue.. so when i drink it, i ALWAYS need sugar and cream.. bottomline is, the nose and the tongue disagree.

  2. Too much coffee puts you on a mad buzz.